Coming Soon: Survey on GHG Protocol Calculation Tools

The GHG Protocol has historically provided Excel-based calculation tools on our website for any organization to download and use free of charge. These tools use widely-accepted emission factors for both cross-sector and sector-specific emission sources in corporate GHG inventories. Since the initial development of these tools, the GHG calculation field has experienced exponential growth: software programs and applications for companies have proliferated, and more databases and information sources have become available for a variety of calculation needs in more geographic areas. To adapt to a changing landscape while meeting the core needs of its users, the GHG Protocol will be providing a public survey for users to identify their calculation priorities. We invite broad participation by organizations who have used GHG Protocol calculation tools, as well as companies who have created calculation software/programmatic solutions. The GHG Protocol will be distributing this survey in February 2012: please contact Mary Sotos at with any questions or initial comments.