Product Standard Online Course Development

As part of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Value Chain Initiative, the World Resources Institute (WRI) is seeking qualified assistance to build on the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard to develop an on-line course to train potential users of the Standard.

To make training on the standard more accessible to a wide audience, the GHG Protocol will develop an on-line course that covers the main principles of the standard including examples, exercises, and practical advice on implementation. The GHG Protocol has already developed a 2-day training course on the Product Standard meant for in-person delivery. This course includes interactive presentations and exercises. The GHG Protocol now seeks to develop an effective on-line course based on the training materials but with additional web-based learning features. At the conclusion of the development process, the final version of the online course will be the property of GHG Protocol.

All questions and requests for the RFP should be directed to Stacy Kotorac at All submissions are due by June 15, 2012.