Issue 26

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the GHG Protocol,

Welcome to the last newsletter of 2008. The members of the GHG Protocol team have been very busy throughout the last quarter, most notably with hosting two meetings to launch the new GHG Protocol Product and Supply Chain Initiative. The meetings, held in Washington D.C. and London, were both very successful in bringing key stakeholders together to discuss future direction and next steps involved in the two year process that will produce the two new GHG Protocol standards/guidelines. This quarter has also seen the launch of the GHG Protocol India Program Guide in Delhi by the Indian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Climate Change, Mr Shyam Saran, and the launch of WRI’s new Corporate Consultative Group in Washington. WRI and Sun Microsystems collaborated on a panel at this year’s Net Impact Conference, the Saturday morning event bringing in many interested MBA students to discuss the topic of energy efficiency in business operations. The GHG Protocol team also welcomes a new member of staff - Cynthia Cummis - who will be leading the new Product and Supply Chain Initiative at WRI.

As usual we welcome your feedback.

Best regards,

The WRI and WBCSD GHG Protocol Team

Top Stories

GHG Protocol's Product & Supply Chain Initiative Launches in Washington, DC and London

A new collaboration launches to develop standards for measuring and managing GHG emissions throughout the product life cycle and across the entire corporate value chain.

The group is the GHG Protocol’s Product and Supply Chain Initiative, convened under the GHG Protocol. The project’s Steering Committee and technical working groups launched in September, in a series of meetings in Washington, DC and London, involving over 100 participants. The meetings signal the kickoff of a two-year process that ultimately will produce two new GHG Protocol publications that are expected to become international standards - product life cycle accounting standards and corporate value chain accounting guidelines.

WRI and Sun Talk Energy and Sustainable Business at 2008 Net Impact Conference

WRI participated in the annual 2008 Net Impact Conference, held at the Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia on November 15th. GHG Protocol joined a panel for the three-hour OpenEco Energy Camp Saturday morning session, sponsored by Sun Microsystems. The session centered around Sun’s global online-community, that provides free tools to help participants measure, track, and compare energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) performance.

WRI Launches New Corporate Consultative Group

On September 16th and 17th, WRI launched its new Corporate Consultative Group (CCG) in Washington, D.C. This group provides member companies with regular exposure to WRI expertise and several opportunities to exchange valuable thinking about shared environmental challenges.

GHG Protocol Releases India GHG Program Guide

The month of October saw the CD-release of the final version of the India program guide by the Indian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Climate Change, Mr Shyam Saran. In his remarks, Mr Saran emphasized the importance of businesses taking the initiative to deal with climate change and encouraged public-private partnerships. The guide provides guidance and examples to assist companies in accounting for, quantification and tracking of their greenhouse gas emissions using internationally accepted Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard.


Cynthia Cummis

Please join us in welcoming Cynthia Cummis to the GHG Protocol team and its global network of partners and programs. As some of you may know Cynthia is not new to the GHG Protocol Initiative having been closely involved in the development of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard as a US EPA representative on the Editorial Committee for the first version and a member of the Revision Working Group for the revised edition. Cynthia joins WRI as Senior Associate and project manager of the Product and Supply Chain Initiative. Cynthia comes from Clear Carbon Consulting where she was Director of Carbon Management, managing carbon quantification and GHG management projects for multiple Fortune 500 clients. She brings more than 12 years of experience working on the issue of global climate change. Cynthia was the founding Director of U.S. EPA’s Climate Leaders program, where for more than 5 years she led the design and implementation of the program and oversaw its’ growth to more than 90 corporate partners. She is currently also a faculty member of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute instructing a course on the basics of GHG accounting.