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Korea Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Database

Name of source Korea LCI database
Provider Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Ministry of Environment
Summary text A life cycle inventory (LCI) database for Korean industry
Contact Ik Kim kohung@keiti.re.kr
Licensing Free
Language(s) English
Website http://www.edp.or.kr/lcidb/english/info/info_intro.asp
Access – data formats and accessibility
File type Unknown
Software needs Unknown
Contents – breadth and depth of datasets
Age 1999-2007
Geography Korea
Original Data Source(s) Industry statistics; other LCA databases
Other Databases Included  
Life cycle stages Cradle-to-Grave
Modeling approach Unknown
Emissions results CO2 only
Number of datasets 341
Main topics Energy carriers and technologies; Inorganic chemicals; Organic chemicals; Metals and semimetals; Electrics and electronics; Construction; End-of-life treatment
Other topics Paper and cardboards; Transport
Data transparency – what metadata is provided for each dataset?
System boundaries Unknown
Data Types Process
Allocation Methods Unknown
Technology Unknown
Data year Unknown
Original source Unknown
Uncertainty Unknown
Quality – is information provided on data quality?
Data quality score Unknown
Quality assurance Unknown
Standards compliant ISO TS 14048