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Land Sector and Removals Guidance

The GHG Protocol Land Sector and Removals Guidance will explain how companies should account for emissions and removals from land use, land use change, biogenic products, technological CO2 removals, and related activities in GHG inventories, building on the Corporate Standard and Scope 3 Standard.

The guidance is currently being developed through a multi-stakeholder development process. The draft guidance is expected to be available for both pilot testing and review in Q1 2022. Publication is expected at the end of 2022.

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The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is developing new guidance on how companies account for and report the following activities in their greenhouse gas inventories:
• Land use, land use change
• CO2 removals and storage
• Biogenic products across the value chain

The new guidance is expected to be used by companies to:
• Inform mitigation strategies by understanding the GHG emissions/removals impacts of land use, land use change, biogenic products and carbon removal activities
• Set targets and track performance by including the above activities in GHG targets
• Report GHG inventories including GHG emissions and carbon removals and report progress toward GHG mitigation goals

The new guidance will be designed to create more consistency and transparency in the way companies quantify and report GHG emissions and removals from land use, land use change, biogenic products and carbon removal technologies and track progress toward GHG mitigation goals, following a credible approach. The guidance will be developed through an inclusive, multi-stakeholder process and will build on existing methods and approaches.

Corporate Standard
The GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard provides requirements and guidance for companies and other organizations, such as NGOs, government agencies, and universities, that are preparing a corporate-level GHG emissions inventory.
Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard
The Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard allows companies to assess their entire value chain emissions impact and identify where to focus reduction activities.

Supporting Documents

Pilot Testing and Review Phase Documents