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In response to user needs, the GHG Protocol has developed additional guidance that builds upon the more general standards.
Tools Built on GHG Protocol

The “Built on GHG Protocol” mark recognizes calculation tools that are in conformance with GHG Protocol standards.

The GHG Protocol creates standards and tools that are applicable to any organization, company, and sector. In response to user needs, the GHG Protocol also develops calculation tools that build upon the more general standards. However, other groups and organizations are also developing their own tools to support GHG Protocol standards.

The tools below were developed in close collaboration with the GHG Protocol, and have been reviewed to ensure that they are in conformance with the GHG Protocol standards. They have earned the "Built on GHG Protocol" mark, which recognizes accounting resources that have been developed in conformance with a GHG Protocol standard.

Learn more about the Built on GHG Protocol mark, and explore guidance that has been reviewed for Built on GHG Protocol conformance. 

Calculations Tools

The following tools have been recognized as excellent accounting services with the "Built on GHG Protocol" mark.

Carbon Reporting Tool for Chinese SME Companies

Creator: Carbon Trust
Description: This tool is designed for Chinese SME’s to collect data that will allow them to calculate, manage and report the carbon footprints of their businesses.
Date: July 2015 (Version 2.0)

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Calculator

Creator: V4 Consultants
Description: V4 Adivors' corporate greenhouse gas platform is tailored for USA, Middle East and Africa region to audit, quantify, report and monitor GHG emissions using local emission factors.
Date published: April 2013

City Inventory Reporting and Information System (CIRIS)

Creator: C40
Description: The City Inventory Reporting and Information System (CIRIS) is an accessible, easy-to-use and flexible Excel-based tool for managing and reporting city greenhouse gas inventory data. Based on the Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) standard, the tool facilitates transparent calculation and reporting of emissions for all sectors.
Date published: April 2017 / Updated May 2018

Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

Creator: Blonk Consultants
Description: This direct land use change assessment tool is an Excel tool that was developed alongside the PAS 2050-1 to provide a predefined way of calculating greenhouse gas emissions from land use change.
Date published: January 2014

Envizi Sustainability and Data Management Reporting Module

Creator: Envizi
Description:  Envizi is a cloud-based platform that can be used by multiple stakeholders to gain insights from sustainability and energy data. Its Sustainability and Data Management Reporting module manages hundreds of data types and can calculate emissions across all GHG scopes including market-based emissions.
Date published: October 2013


Creator: QVS Consulting
Description: GreenIntelli is a global provider of tools and services to track, manage and report sustainability, at a low threshold entrance level. Its Carbon Management & Reporting solution enables you to calculate your carbon footprint, manage energy spend and report on scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions. The software is straightforward to use and fully adaptable to the needs of any organization and its supply chain. 
Date published: July 2015 / Updated 2017

K-eCO Local Government Inventory Calculation Program

Creator: Korea Environment Corporation (KeCO)
Description: This tool can be used by local governments in South Korea to calculate community-level GHG emissions and report to carbon Climate Registry and C40, in accordance with the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) and Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. This tool calculates emissions from the following categories: Energy, Industrial Processes, AFOLU, Waste, and Indirect emissions.
Date published: September 2010

SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool

Creator: SmartWay Transportation Partnership
Description: EPA’s SmartWay Transportation Partnership offers an integrated set of peer-reviewed sustainability accounting and tracking tools to help companies make informed freight transportation choices. The SmartWay Truck Carrier Tool allows companies to measure, benchmark and report emissions and to improve freight efficiency and environmental performance across their supply chain, reducing costs and decreasing harmful air pollutants. 
Date published: January 2018