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GHG Protocol develops guidance to provide clarity on how specific sectors can apply GHG Protocol standards.

Explore GHG Protocol guidance and working papers exploring additional greenhosue gas accounting topics below. 


Scope 2 Guidance
The Scope 2 Guidance standardizes how corporations measure emissions from purchased or acquired electricity, steam, heat, and cooling (called “scope 2 emissions”).
Best for: Companies and Organizations
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Scope 2 Guidance Training Webinar
Scope 3 Calculation Guidance
Building on the Scope 3 Standard, this companion guide makes it easier than ever for businesses to complete their scope 3 inventories. 
Best for: Companies and Organizations
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Scope 3 Standard Online Course
Agriculture Guidance
The GHG Protocol Agricultural Guidance, a supplement to the Corporate Standard, is the first ever global guidance to measure GHG emissions for the agriculture sector. It covers all agricultural subsectors, including livestock, crop production, and land use change.
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Corporate Standard Training Webinar
Public Sector Protocol
The GHG Protocol has developed accounting guidance that interprets the principles from the Corporate Standard for the unique structures and needs of U.S. government operations at the federal, state and local level.
Best for: Countries and Cities
Portfolio Carbon Initiative
Portfolio Carbon Intiative, a partnership with 2 Degrees Investing Intiative, World Resources Institute and UNEP Finance Initiative, provides guidance for asset owners and banks to properly assess the climate impact from investing and lending activities.
Best for: Financial Institutions
Potential Emissions from Fossil Fuel Reserves
The first-ever global guidance for measuring and reporting the potential greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the fossil fuel reserves held by oil, coal and gas companies. 
Best for: Fossil Fuel Companies

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