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Pankaj Bhatia

Deputy Director, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

pankaj@wri.org | (202) 729-7629

Pankaj Bhatia is the Deputy Director of WRI’s Climate Program and Director of WRI’s Tools, Reporting and Analysis for Climate (TRAC) Signature Initiative. As Deputy Director, he helps manage one of WRI’s largest programs and oversees two additional Signature Initiatives – US Climate Action and International Climate Action as well as the GHG Protocol. In addition, Pankaj is one of the leading experts and authority on the GHG Protocol standards and tools, particularly in the areas of corporate, scope 3, mitigation action, and city accounting.

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Vivek Adhia

Head of Business Engagement, WRI India

vadhia@wri.org | +91 22 24713565

Vivek Adhia is currently Head-Business Engagement at WRI India working with the private sector to promote stewardship and innovation and an alternate response to climate change.

Having started out as Senior Associate within the Climate & Energy Program – he has lead the initiative to set-up a voluntary, industry led National GHG Program, to facilitate profitable, competitive and sustainable businesses in a carbon constrained world. 

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Yelena Akopian

Marketing and Communications Specialist, Climate Program, World Resources Institute


Yelena Akopian is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Climate Program. She supports the institute’s corporate-facing climate projects, namely the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Science Based Targets initiative.

Previously, Yelena worked in a communications capacity at an international development NGO focused on capacity building and civic engagement throughout the Eurasia and MENA regions, and as a writer and editor for a variety of publications.

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Carley Chavara

Research Analyst, Climate Program, World Resources Institute


Carley Chavara is a Research Analyst with the Global Climate Program. She supports cities in tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through publication development, e-learning, and application of the GHG Protocol for Cities (GPC), in addition to supporting emissions assessments of cities’ building efficiency policies and projects.

Carley has previously worked on environmental policy, sustainable development, and related fields at multiple levels of governance for organizations including the OECD, the Wilson Center, the Center for International Environmental Law, the City of Pittsburgh, and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

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Cynthia Cummis

Director of Private Sector Climate Mitigation, World Resources Institute

ccummis@wri.org | (202) 729-7846

Cynthia Cummis is the Director of Private Sector Climate Mitigation in WRI's Business Center. In this rolls she manages various projects working with businesses to reduce GHG emissions including GHG Protocol’s suite of corporate GHG accounting and reporting standards, the Science Based Targets initiative and the Portfolio Carbon Initiative.

Ms. Cummis is a well-known expert in GHG accounting and brings more than 18 years of experience working on the issue of global climate change. Prior to WRI, Cynthia was the Director of Carbon Management at Clear Carbon Consulting where she managed carbon quantification and management projects for multiple Fortune 500 clients as well as large public institutions. 

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Wee Kean Fong

Senior Associate, Climate Program, WRI China

wkfong@wri.org | +86 10 6416 5697 ext. 27

Wee Kean Fong is a Senior Associate with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Climate and Energy Program. He leads the Greenhouse Gas Protocol City Accounting Project to develop an international standard for accounting and reporting greenhouse gas emissions from cities and communities. His latest publication is the Pilot Version 1.0 of the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions that jointly developed with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Under the same partnership, Fong is currently working on a full value chain (all direct and indirect emission sources) greenhouse gas accounting standard for cities, which will be completed in 2015. He also provides technical assistance and training to help cities implement citywide greenhouse gas inventories according to the Global Protocol.

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Alex Kovac

Research Analyst, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

akovac@wri.org | (202) 729-7823

Alex Kovac is a Research Analyst with the Global Climate Program and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. He supports drafting and coordination for WRI’s Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GPC), and contributes to the development of standards, methodology, and guidance for preparing accurate and actionable city-level greenhouse gas inventories.

Prior to joining WRI, Alex worked for a government relation firm and conducted legislative research on wildlife conservation, clean energy, and public lands issues.

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David Rich

Senior Associate, GHG Protocol, World Resources Institute

drich@wri.org | (202) 729-7744

David Rich is a Senior Associate with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol at the World Resources Institute. He focuses on the development of greenhouse gas accounting and reporting standards, including GHG Protocol standards under development for climate change mitigation policies and mitigation goals. He previously developed standards for corporate value chain (scope 3) and product life cycle accounting and guidance for mandatory GHG reporting.

Prior to joining WRI, David worked at Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) where he worked on the development of the Climate Registry and state GHG emissions inventories.

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Stephen Russell

Senior Associate, GHG Accounting Project, World Resources Institute

srussell@wri.org | (202) 729-7702

Stephen Russell leads the Corporate GHG Accounting Project at WRI, which seeks to develop (inter)nationally recognized best practices for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management for organizations. He is currently managing projects in Brazil and elsewhere to create GHG measurement tools for agribusiness.

He has led the development of a GHG accounting protocol for the US public sector (subsequently adopted by US federal agencies under EO 13514) and various accounting protocols and tools for specific industrial sectors, including the Chinese coal-fired power sector and metals production. Stephen has also assisted the creation of the GHG Protocol Brazil Program, a voluntary, corporate GHG reporting program in Brazil.

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Paul Ryberg

Project Coordinator, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

pryberg@wri.org | (202) 729-7696

Paul Ryberg is a Project Coordinator for the Global Climate Program. He oversees the contracts, finances, recruitment, and outreach for WRI’s TRAC Corporate and Cities projects.

Prior to joining WRI, Paul worked in program management roles at environmental non-profits in Washington, D.C. focusing on urban sustainability and stormwater management.

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Neelam Singh

Senior Associate, Major Emerging Economies, World Resources Institute

nsingh@wri.org | (202) 729-7689

Neelam Singh is a Senior Associate with WRI’s Major Emerging Economies Team. She is currently working on the Measurement and Performance Tracking (MAPT) project, specifically on capacity building of businesses in developing countries on greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting and reporting in countries such as India and South Africa. In the past, she has worked with the GHG Protocol team on promoting best GHG emissions accounting and reporting practices in developing countries, focusing on China and India. She is also involved in research on facility level reporting systems, and on understanding linkages between corporate/facility and national inventory systems.

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Jingjing Zhu

Research Analyst, China Climate Program, World Resources Institute

jzhu@wri.org | +86 10 6416 5697 ext. 28

As the Research Analyst of the Climate Program China team, Jingjing Zhu provides analytical, research, writing, communication, and administrative support to develop GHG Protocol standards and tools, support GHG management programs, develop supply chain GHG accounting tools, build capacity on GHG accounting and facilitate the GHG accounting work in China.

Jingjing Zhu, originally from Zhejiang, China, has established her passion and commitment towards sustainable development of environment and energy system during her study and work. Before joining in WRI, Jingjing worked with Evolution Markets, which is a brokerage firm in energy and environmental markets, on their business in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

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