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GHG Protocol Launches the Built on GHG Protocol Mark

GHG Protocol has recently developed a “Built on GHG Protocol” mark, or logo, and has finalized the process through which sector guidance, product rules, and calculation tools can obtain it. This is a significant development as it is the first formalized way for calculation tools and other documents to demonstrate conformance with GHG Protocol Standards. A major benefit of the mark is that it enables a greater scale of GHG Protocol users. While the GHG Protocol creates standards and tools that are applicable to any organization, company, or sector, additional guidance and tools are often developed to increase usability and provide more specificity. By working with GHG Protocol through the development of these documents and tools it will be possible to ensure they follow the requirements and key guidance within our standards.

Three guidance documents have received the GHG Protocol Built on Mark to date, and we are currently working with other organizations to review their tools and guidance for use of the Mark. This is a very exciting development for GHG Protocol and we are looking forward to using this new opportunity to collaborate with more stakeholders in the future. To learn about how you can work with GHG Protocol to use our Mark, read the guidelines here: http://www.ghgprotocol.org/feature/ghg-protocol-based-sector-guidance-product-rules-and-calculation-tools

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