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International Tin Research Institute (ITRI)

Name of source Life Cycle Inventory / Analysis of Stainless Steel
Provider International Tin Research Institute (ITRI)
Summary text A life cycle inventory (LCI) study to quantify resources use, energy and environmental emissions associated with the processing of cold roll and white hot rolled steel
Contact kay.nimmo@itri.co.uk
Licensing Free, requires data request
Language(s) English
Website http://www.itri.co.uk
Access – data formats and accessibility
File type HTML access to data request form
Software needs  
Contents – breadth and depth of datasets
Age 2005
Geography Global, Europe, Japan, Korea, USA
Original Data Source(s) Industry statistics
Other Databases Included  
Life cycle stages Cradle-to-Grave
Modeling approach  
Emissions results GWP
Number of datasets 8
Main topics Metals and Semimetals
Other topics  
Data transparency – what metadata is provided for each dataset?
System boundaries Yes
Data Types Process
Allocation Methods Yes
Technology Yes
Data year Yes
Original source Yes
Uncertainty No
Quality – is information provided on data quality?
Data quality score No
Quality assurance Unknown
Standards compliant ISO 14040