Plastics Europe

Name of source Eco-Profiles of the European Plastics Industry
Provider PlasticsEurope (Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe)
Summary text Life Cycle Inventories (LCI), Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) of high volume bulk polymers, widely used engineering plastics, and standard plastics conversion processes of the European Plastics Industry.
Contact Aafko Schanssema (
Licensing Free
Language(s) English
Access – data formats and accessibility
File type HTML (web) access to zip files containing xls, csv, ppt, doc, and pdf files
Software needs Microsoft office, Adobe Reader
Contents – breadth and depth of datasets
Age 1993-2010
Geography Europe
Original Data Source(s) Detailed environmental data on the processes operated by PlasticsEurope member companies
Other Databases Included ELCD , Ecoinvent, and other equivalent databases
Life cycle stages Mainly cradle-to-factory gate
Modeling approach Process (bottom-up)
Emissions results GWP and separate GHGs (plus other impact categories)
Number of datasets about 100
Main topics Plastics
Other topics Electricity; Natural gas based fuels; Crude oil based fuels; Inorganic chemicals
Data transparency – what metadata is provided for each dataset?
System boundaries Yes
Data Types Process
Allocation Methods Yes
Technology Yes
Data year Yes
Original source No, data obtained from unnamed member companies
Uncertainty No
Quality – is information provided on data quality?
Data quality score No
Quality assurance No
Standards compliant Yes, datasets from 2006 are compliant to ISO 14040-44 series of standards