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Alexander Frantzen

Alexander Frantzen

Scope 3 Manager, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, World Resources Institute

Alexander is a Scope 3 Manager for Greenhouse Gas Protocol in the Climate Program at World Resources Institute. He serves as the Scope 3 technical expert to (i) develop updates and additional guidance, (ii) oversee and maintain tools, data, and resources to help companies implement Scope 3 accounting, and (iii) provide outreach, technical support, and training resources to promote the market adoption and effective use of the GHG Protocol Scope 3 Standard.

Prior to joining WRI, Alexander was the Founder/CEO of Carbon Calories Inc., performing enterprise-level and product-level greenhouse gas accounting and reporting for small-to-medium-sized businesses. He developed and utilized the product carbon footprint disclosure framework, the Carbon Statement. Additionally, he served as an Expert Advisor to the sustainability consulting firm and expert advisor network, OnePointFive. Lastly, Alexander created the MediaWiki,, an open-source knowledge platform for the GHG Protocol Product Standard.

Before founding Carbon Calories Inc., Alexander spent eight years in real estate finance, working for The Durst Organization in New York City. His work included acquisitions and development, lease valuations for Class-A Manhattan and office retail space (including the One World Trade Center and Bank of America Tower), family office impact investing, and due diligence of renewable energy and efficiency technologies (e.g., BMS systems, solar PPAs, offshore wind projects, REDD+ offset projects, landfill redevelopment, and more). He supported ownership with non-project-based investments (including funds, private securities, and stocks) and co-founded The Low Carbon Fund, through which Alexander sourced, reviewed, executed, and reported on investments. Additionally, Alexander consulted for the Model Organic Farm Foundation, assisting one of the oldest and most diverse, certified organic farms in New York State.

Alexander holds a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University in the City of New York.

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