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Blog post  |   11.05.2012  |   Sarah Cohen

Event Recap: Brazil Agriculture Inaugural Workshop

Agriculture and agriculture-linked land use change contribute almost 80% to Brazil’s national emissions. On September 25 in Sao Paulo, GHG Protocol held an inaugural workshop to engage key stakeholders in developing a set of new tools specific to Brazilian agriculture – a corporate GHG accounting standard and emission factors. The event featured a keynote address by Eduardo Assad, a director at Embrapa and formerly the Brazilian secretary for climate change. It also featured discussion sessions to prioritize GHG accounting topics for further research over the 18-month term of the project. The event was attended by experts from the agri-business sector, academia, government, and NGOs.

GHG Protocol is currently writing the first draft of the accounting standards, incorporating feedback from the event. The second draft will be reviewed at a second workshop in Sao Paulo on December 13. For further information about the project, including opportunities to join its Technical Working Group or the December workshop, please contact Stephen Russell at srussell@wri.org.


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