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Event Recap: WBCSD Council meeting

Last week the annual WBCSD council meeting took place in Seoul, South Korea. This meeting included a constructive session for the Greenhouse Gas Management Working Group. Three strategic priorities for the coming years were agreed upon: 1) Business leading in carbon management, 2) Promoting harmonization in reporting programs, and 3) WRI partnership and collaboration. The first strategic priority will focus on engagement with investors and on CFO and investor relations, as well as on sharing GHG management best practices. The second priority will focus on providing feedback to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) on WBCSD members’ CDP reporting commitments, along with WRI’s engagement with CDP on further alignment with the GHG Protocol standards, and participating in WBCSD’s newly launched ‘Reporting for the future’ working group. Finally, the working group emphasized WBCSD’s strong relationship with WRI and was very positive about both continuing and further strengthening this relationship going forward.

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