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Procurement Opportunity: Professional Services for GHG Protocol Forest Carbon Accounting Process


The Greenhouse Gas Protocol intends to award a Cost Reimbursement type contract for a professional services firm to support the GHG Protocol Secretariat in facilitating a series of discussions on forest carbon accounting approaches for corporate GHG inventory accounting to finalize the draft Land Sector and Removals Standard in 2024. This process will be overseen by the GHG Protocol’s Independent Standards Board (ISB) who will invite stakeholders to the Technical Advisory Group and ultimately serve as the decision-making body on the final approach. 

The professional services firm will work closely with the GHG Protocol Secretariat’s Land Sector team to propose a series of meetings with the Technical Advisory Group to develop a final proposal or set of option for how to account for forest carbon within corporate GHG inventories aligned with GHG Protocol’s decision-making criteria (see Annex A). This will be shared with the ISB for final approval by September 2024 so the final text can be incorporated in the Land Sector and Removals Standard and Guidance.

Deadline for Expression of Interest: May 10, 2024

Deadline for Bid/Proposal Submission: May 15, 2024

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