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Strategy Refresh Process Underway

The GHG Protocol Secretariat initiated a strategy and organizational review process for the GHG Protocol in May 2022. The process is aimed at further advancing the GHG Protocol’s mission to provide the world’s leading standards on greenhouse gas accounting for business, cities, and countries in support of a net zero emissions economy worldwide.  

The project began by conducting a comprehensive review of the evolving ecosystem of GHG accounting, regulatory trends, and expected future demand. To ensure a diverse set of perspectives were taken into account, the Secretariat worked with a consultant to interview more than 45 individuals representing diverse organizations and conducted a global stakeholder survey (with 700+ responses) to gather input on the GHG Protocol’s standards, services and organizational structure. We highly appreciate the time taken by all participants to provide us this invaluable feedback!   

Our team is working to refine the initial insights into a strategic and organizational plan that will guide GHG Protocol’s work and governance over the longer term. The next steps in this process include completing interviews and planning for resources and implementation. We will keep you updated on the progress in our journey to bring the GHG Protocol to the next level. 

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