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Update on Greenhouse Gas Protocol Carbon Removals and Land Sector Initiative

In January, WRI and WBCSD launched the GHG Protocol Carbon Removals and Land Sector Initiative. We have convened an Advisory Committee and three Technical Working Groups to develop three new GHG Protocol standards and guidance: Carbon Removals Standard, Land Sector Guidance, and Bioenergy Guidance.

The new publications will explain how companies should account for and report carbon removals and storage in greenhouse gas inventories, including emissions and removals from land use, land use change, bioenergy, and related activities, building on the Corporate Standard and Scope 3 Standard.

For a description of the project and development process, including a list of Advisory Committee and Technical Working Group members, please click here.

Draft standards and guidance are scheduled to be available for review by the Review Group beginning in October. Pilot testing is planned for the beginning of next year, with publication by the end of 2021.

We appreciate your support for this project and will continue to provide periodic updates on the progress of this work.

If you any have questions, please contact Matt Ramlow at or 1-202-729-7780.


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