Webinar Recording Now Available: Topline Findings from Market-based Accounting Approaches Survey
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As a part of GHG Protocol's standards update process, we recently hosted a webinar reviewing key themes presented by stakeholders in their responses to our market-based accounting approaches survey. Visit our website to watch the webinar recording, access the webinar slide deck and review the proposal submissions. The webinar recordings for our previous sessions on the Scope 2 feedback and the Corporate Standard and Scope 3 feedback are also available on that page, as is a comprehensive report on the scope 2 survey feedback.

Next Steps 

GHG protocol is in the process of developing draft workplans corresponding to the stakeholder survey topics while also finalizing plans for a new governance structure. The intention of the governance restructure is to establish greater clarity around process and increased transparency while producing results more quickly.

Governance bodies will include:

  • A permanent Steering Committee, 
  • An Independent Standards Board that oversees development and subsequently approves the standards, ​​​​​
  • Technical Working Groups that focus on drafting the text of the standards. 

The GHG Protocol secretariat will work closely with these bodies to support them and ensure the new governance structure is rigorous and effective.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more information about how these governing bodies will be structured and will operate. This will include the terms of reference, structure and balance of representation, and other details followed by a public call for nominations to the Steering Committee and Independent Standards Board.

Forthcoming information about the new governance structure and the establishment of governance bodies will be shared with GHG Protocol email subscribers. If you'd like to be added to GHG Protocol's subscriber list, please complete this form: Subscribe | GHG Protocol

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