DEADLINE EXTENDED: Surveys on GHG Protocol Corporate Standards and Guidance

Blog post  |   08.05.2008  |   Laura Pocknell

WRI and WBCSD Convening Global Stakeholder Process to Develop New Product/Supply Chain Guidelines

Over the last few months, the GHG Protocol has been planning new guidelines for product life-cycle emissions and corporate-level scope 3 emissions. The World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development are in the process of convening a global stakeholder process to develop these standards. This summer, WRI and WBCSD are creating a global Steering Committee and several Technical Working Groups to guide and carry out the standard development process. The Steering Committee will consist of a group of leaders in product and supply chain GHG management and will guide the standard development process. The first meeting of the Steering Committee will take place in early September at WRI’s offices in Washington, D.C. [image supply-chain.jpg align=right The new standard will provide additional guidance on accounting for Scope 3 or Other indirect emissions.] Additionally, WRI and WBCSD are confirming participation from a wide global network of experts (including specialists in life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting, supply chain GHG management, etc.) to form technical working groups to develop the content of the new guidelines. Working groups will consist of experts from government, business, NGOs, and academia. The first meeting of the technical working groups will be held this September in Europe. The GHG Protocol team recently released several documents related to the product and supply chain guidelines on the GHG Protocol’s website, including: * [Business plan for the initiative](http://work3.wri.org/files/ghgp/public/proposed-business-plan.pdf) * [Summary of survey results (from the GHG Protocol’s recent supply chain and life cycle survey)](http://work3.wri.org/files/ghgp/public/survey-summary.pdf) * [Governance plan for the initiative](http://work3.wri.org/files/ghgp/public/governance-plan.pdf) * [Proposed timeline of activities](http://work3.wri.org/files/ghgp/public/ghg-protocol-product-supply-chain-initiative-timeline-december-10-2009.pdf) * [Proposed list of technical topics to be addressed in the guidelines](http://work3.wri.org/files/ghgp/public/technical-topics.pdf)


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Blog post  |   08.05.2008  |   Laura Pocknell

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