eLearning Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the GHG Protocol online courses. If your question is not answered below please submit a request via this contact form.

GHG Protocol also provides an eLearning chatbot to support learners in accessing answers quickly. The chatbot is another way to receive support on common questions. Ask your questions here.

New Learning Management System (LMS) Questions

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol team is excited to announce the launch of a new eLearning platform for GHG Protocol’s online learning curriculum. The new platform will streamline the registration process and open new opportunities to improve the learner experience. The new platform will improve GHG Protocol’s capacity to register and support learners seeking a better understanding of the standards and guidance published by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The new platform is live as of March 3, 2023. After this date, GHG Protocol will no longer accept course registrations in the sunsetting platform.

Learners had access to their courses in progress in the previous learning management system until June 30, 2023. The previous system is now deactivated.

Learners with enrollments in the sunsetting system had until June 30, 2023 to complete the course. The sunsetting system is now deactivated. 

The GHG Protocol can set individuals up as Company Admins to enroll learners in courses they purchase on their behalf and view their completion stats. To be designated a company administrator please create an account in the LMS and submit a request through the eLearning contact form. For information on how to enroll your colleagues in courses please review the FAQ question below.

Accessing and Purchasing Courses Questions

GHG Protocol's courses are available for purchase online. We recommend using Google Chrome or another updated and modern web browser when accessing the learning management system. The system can be accessed here: GHG Protocol Learning Management System (lambdastore.net) and courses can be purchased and assigned to colleagues or teammates, or they can be self-purchased. Please review questions below for information on accessing the courses.

The system will automatically enroll learners in the purchased course after the order is completed. To access the course materials, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Log in to the site with your account email and password. 
  2. In the top menu bar click My Learning. You will navigate to the Learning Dashboard. 


  1. Click the course title to navigate to the course page. (Note: If My Learning is missing, check the left-hand side of the screen for a carrot icon. Click it to unhide the My Learning block.) 


  1. The course page has multiple links and resources for your review and use. Click the activity links to access the resources. All required activities must be completed to receive the certificate of completion at the end of the course. A checkmark will appear on the right-hand side of the course activity when it has been completed. 


Our new system enables colleagues to purchase courses on behalf of each other and to assign courses to each other. This can be useful if you are purchasing course seats for a team. To assign courses to a colleague follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to your account. 
  2. Search for the course you would like to purchase for your colleague.  
  3. In the drop-down menu, select Yes under “Purchase on behalf of another student?”. Any purchase of 2 or more seats in a single course will default to Yes. (Note: if you accidentally select Yes for Purchase on behalf of on a course you purchased for yourself you will need to follow the instructions to assign the course to yourself.)

  4. Complete the checkout process.  
  5. Click My Account in the top menu bar. 
  6. In the left menu, click Assign Courses. 
  7. In the dropdown menu select the course you wish to assign. 
  8. Select Individual Assignment. 
  9. Enter the name and email address of the individual you would like to assign the course to. (Note: You can assign a course to yourself by entering the name and email address associated with your account. Be sure to enter the correct email address.)

  10. Click Assign. Learners who do not have an account in the system yet will receive an email to complete their account. To access the course materials, click My Learning in the top menu bar when logged in. 


In our new learning management system individuals can be designated company administrators. Company administrators have visibility into a group of learners in the system typically set up for a specific organization. To request to be set up as a company administrator in the system please complete the contact form.

Company Administrators can upload a set of learners into their group and can view their learners’ progress in assigned courses. To upload a set of learners into a group/company follow the steps below after contacting the eLearning team to be set up as an administrator:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click My Account.
  3. In the left menu click List of Customers.
  4. Click Upload Customers.

  5. Click Download Sample File to download the upload template. You must fill out the template with your colleagues’ first names, last names, email addresses, and company name in the system.
  6. Upload the file to the system.

Your learners will now be visible on the list of customers page, and you will be able to bulk assign courses to individuals in your group/company.

To view learner progress in assigned courses click Customer Progress in the left menu.

General eLearning Questions

Please refer to GHG Protocol's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

There are no system requirements. To access the course, all you need is a browser and Internet connection. We recommend using the latest and most up to date internet browsers. Google Chrome is recommended. Please disable any popup blockers for the best experience.

No, you do not need Adobe Flash. The videos in the Scope 3 course were updated in time for the Flash phase out. For troubleshooting, we recommend that students try using a different browser.

The training course typically takes 15 – 30 hours total to complete. It can be taken at any time over the 365 day availability period.

Yes! Everyone that completes a GHG Protocol eLearning course will receive a certificate of completion in PDF format. To receive the certificate, you must complete all modules fully within 365 days of registration.

No, certificates of completion were only offered with the live trainings.

eLearning Discounts Questions

The GHG Protocol offers a variety of discounts to learners interested in learning more about the GHG Protocol. Discounts are typically applied automatically through the system and reviewed by our staff. If you need to trouble shoot your account or purchase, please submit a request through this contact form.

Learners who are eligible NGO/government employees are eligible for a 20% discount on course registration fees. To receive a discount select NGO/nonprofit employee or government employee from the drop down Learner Type when creating an account. New accounts will be verified for compliance upon purchase.

Learners who are active students at the high school, college, or graduate level are eligible for a 60% discount on course registration fees. To receive a discount, register with your student email and select Student from the drop-down Learner Type when creating an account. New accounts will be verified for compliance upon purchase.

We offer a 20% discount on registration to university employees. To receive a discount, select university employee from the drop-down Learner Type when creating an account. New accounts will be verified for compliance upon purchase.

We offer a 10% discount on registration for groups of 5 or more in a single course. Simply add 5 or more seats in a course to your cart to receive the discount. Please note that this discount is applicable only when adding 5 or more registrants from the same organization. 

Troubleshooting Questions

Our courses and systems are rapidly updating to keep pace with technological advances but there may be times that our system experiences a bug. Please feel free to reach out to us with any issues you encounter via this contact form and we will work to resolve it.

Following an update some links are no longer working in the interactive portions. We are working on revising this. Links have been moved to the course page and are available for review in each section.

Thank you for identifying a potential bug. Please complete this contact form with details on where you are in the course when the issue occurred. We will work to provide you with access to the course and content and come to a resolution.