Blog post  |   02.01.2007  |   Laura Pocknell

Calculation Tools to be Updated

Web-based, all-in-one options to be considered

Based upon multiple sources of feedback regarding the GHG Protocol’s 16 calculation tools, the GHG Protocol team is now considering raising funds to update and possibly revamp its tools, which are currently available for download on

Also up for consideration is the development of a more user-friendly, web-based calculation tool that integrates most, if not all, of the tools.

Currently, each cross-sector and industry-specific calculation tool is comprised of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and an Adobe PDF guidance document.

However, the advent of more web-based interfaces for calculating carbon emissions has precipitated a reevaluation of the ease and accessibility of the GHG Protocol’s tools.

“What we have heard from many businesses we work with is that they would like a web-based version of the GHG Protocol tools to calculate their emissions. Anyone who can navigate a website would be able to use it,” said Paul Lingl of the David Suzuki Foundation.

While the GHG Protocol provides the calculation tools free of cost to users, the development of a more user-friendly tool would require a significant investment of resources.

“We are searching for the best way to increase the consistency and ease of use of our tools. We hope current users will be able to provide feedback for this important update,” said Research Analyst Ryan Levinson of WRI.

Regardless of what revised format is adopted - whether a web-based or all-in-one tool, the GHG Protocol team is in the process of updating the tools with the most current emissions data available, including new data from the IPCC 2006 Guidance.

We greatly appreciate your continued patience while we update our tools and their format.


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Blog post  |   02.01.2007  |   Laura Pocknell