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Release of first draft of Mitigation Accounting Standards

WRI has released the first drafts of two new GHG Protocol mitigation accounting standards for review.

  • GHG Protocol Policies and Actions Standard: how to quantify and report the GHG effects of policies and actions (e.g., increased energy efficiency, increased renewable energy, regulations and standards, emissions trading programs, deployment of new technologies, etc.)
  • GHG Protocol Mitigation Goals Standard: how to track and report progress and quantify GHG reductions from national and sub-national GHG reduction goals (e.g., GHG reductions from a base year, GHG reductions from a baseline scenario, reductions in emissions intensity, or reductions to an absolute amount of emissions)

To provide your feedback on the draft standards, please use the attached comment templates and send them by email to Jared Finnegan by Friday, January 11, 2013.

We’re also holding three in-person workshops to get feedback on the draft standards in December: in Doha at COP18 (December 2), Washington, DC (December 13), and Beijing (December 19). For information and to register for the workshop in Doha, please visit:

The two new standards are designed to help countries and sub-national jurisdictions measure GHG reductions achieved through policies and actions and track progress toward national and sub-national GHG reduction goals. The draft standards were developed by three Technical Working Groups between June and October 2012, with strategic input from the project’s Advisory Committee. The standards will be pilot tested in several countries in mid-2013, circulated for public comment again in late 2013, and published in early 2014. For more information or to receive updates on this project, please visit:


Document Date
First Draft of Mitigation Goals Standard for Review November 2012
Mitigation Goals Comment Template November 2012
First Draft of Policies and Actions Standard for Review November 2012
Policies and Actions Comment Template November 2012

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