08.30.2011  |   Laura Pocknell

Sector Guidance

The GHG Protocol is often approached by industry organizations and companies asking if we can partner with them to develop new GHG accounting guidance or tools, or whether we can endorse tools they have already developed. GHG Protocol has just released a draft policy for dealing with such requests. It outlines the development and review processes needed before tools can be co-branded with GHG Protocol and/or listed on our website.

Through this policy we hope to meet the increasing need for sectoral guidance, while ensuring this guidance is consistent with the best practices established by GHG Protocol.

We are now seeking your feedback on this policy:

  • What additional information would be useful to include in the policy?;
  • What other criteria should be used to evaluate which sectoral tools are developed / reviewed?

Please send your feedback to Stephen Russell by September 20th.


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