WRI Team Travels to Nairobi to Launch LULUCF Guide to Project Accounting

On Nov. 7, Florence Daviet and Suzie Greenhalgh of WRI will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to present the “Land use, Land-use change and Forestry Guidance for GHG Project Accounting” (LULUCF) at the Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP-12).

In Nairobi, Daviet and Greenhalgh will present the publication along with three panelists, two who reviewed the document and participated in its development.

The discussion at the COP side event will focus on the performance standard and how it can translate into setting a multi-project baseline for LULUCF projects. The panelists will also show how the protocol can be used to identify specific opportunities for LULUCF reduction projects in the African context.

The publication was designed to facilitate the use of the GHG Protocol for Project Accounting (Project Protocol), which was published in 2005, for LULUCF project activities. Specifically, it focuses on two project types: reforestation and forest management.

Although the LULUCF Guidance does not mandate any requirements, it describes and illustrates how the criteria in the Project Protocol should be satisfied for reforestation and forest management project activities, highlighting specific elements for which LULUCF project activities may necessitate slightly different approaches than those outlined in the Project Protocol.

In addition, the document contains a full example that illustrates each section of the document to help clarify some of the more conceptual components of the document.

“Working through the example with the Saskatchewan Research Council team [authors of the example] really helped to nail down some of the final issues with the document,” Daviet said.

“Hopefully it will also help readers especially those new to Project Accounting, understand LULUCF project accounting more clearly.”

The WRI authors are grateful to everyone who participated in the process of completing the LULUCF Guidance. “The document had several starts and stops, but we are very recognizant of those who helped us bring this work to its conclusion and for all the valuable time and effort spent by everyone involved in the process,” Daviet added.

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