The GHG Emissions Calculation Tool

The GHG Emissions Calculation Tool is a free, Excel-based tool from Greenhouse Gas Protocol and WRI that helps companies estimate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions based on the GHG Protocol.


The tool offers users a step-by-step process to estimate company emissions for specific cross-sectoral emissions sources. Detailed instructions for use and examples of calculations are provided throughout the tool for ease of use. The tool does not cover all potential GHG emissions sources within a company's inventory boundary. In order to ensure an accurate, complete, consistent, relevant, and transparent GHG inventory, please refer to additional sector-specific calculation tools on the GHG Protocol calculation tools page, to The WRI/Quantis Scope 3 Evaluator tool for estimating scope 3 emissions, and other GHG calculation tools for additional GHG sources as needed.

This tool is currently available as a beta version. To help us improve this free resource, please share your feedback on this tool with us in this brief survey. Thank you in advance for your feedback. 



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GHG Emission Calculation Tool

This tool is currently in beta version. 

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