DEADLINE EXTENDED: Surveys on GHG Protocol Corporate Standards and Guidance

Blog post  |   06.04.2016  |   Christian.Aldridge@wri.org

New e-learning courses on the Policy and Action Standard and Mitigation Goal Standard

The GHG Protocol offers two new online courses for policymakers and analysts at either the national or local level. The courses are intended to help users understand the Policy and Action Standard and Mitigation Goal Standard and apply the standard to their specific circumstances.

The Mitigation Goal Standard course explains how to set greenhouse gas reduction goals and account for their progress over time. The Policy and Action Standard course explains how to estimate the greenhouse gas impact of policies and actions in order to inform policy design and improve their effectiveness in reducing emissions. Both courses contain a variety of examples, illustrations, and exercises to facilitate a nuanced understanding of the concepts and steps discussed in the standards. Both are available free of charge.


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