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Scope 3 Evaluator
In response to user needs, the GHG Protocol has developed additional guidance that builds upon the more general standards.
Scope 3 Evaluator

The Scope 3 Evaluator is a free, web-based tool from Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Quantis that makes it easier for companies to measure, report, and reduce emissions throughout their value chain.

GHG Protocol’s Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard is the global standard in value chain GHG accounting and the tool allows users to estimate emissions for all 15 Scope 3 categories defined in the standard regardless of the size or type of company.

The Scope 3 Evaluator significantly reduces the time needed to estimate scope 3 emissions, helping companies take a first, essential step on the path to joining industry leaders in scope 3 measurement and reporting. Companies can use this information to start identifying areas in which to pursue a more accurate inventory and focus their reduction efforts.

Built on Quantis SUITE 2.0 software, the Scope 3 Evaluator offers a clear starting point for companies aiming to take a full inventory of scope 3 emissions. This tool requires minimal data collection and is appropriate for both experts and those new to carbon accounting.

Please note the Scope 3 Evaluator tool will be available for you to access and use as normal through August 30, 2023 and will not be available after that date.  


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided answers below to what we expect are the most frequent questions our users may have, as we are unable to provide any personalized support. Note that there is also a Frequently Asked Questions page available from the header in the tool that contains additional information about the tool.

The Scope 3 Evaluator was designed around 10 years ago and is built on what is now outdated technology. Parts of the tool utilize Javascript, which is a programming language that is increasingly unsupported by modern web browsers and causes user interface errors.

GHG Protocol’s Scope 3 website includes links to our Scope 3 calculation guidance, a list of third-party life cycle databases, GHG Protocol calculation tools, and our Scope 3 online course. There are also external software tools available to support with Scope 3 accounting and reporting. GHG Protocol does not endorse external tools but a web search for tools able to support Scope 3 emissions estimation should help you identify options.

Your access to the tool will remain active until August 30, 2023. With no exceptions, access will be terminated after this date. For long-term data security, the data in the tool will be deleted soon thereafter rather than being archived. The tool has an Excel file export available in the results page which shows the data input and output for each emission item in the inventory and this is a convenient way for you to archive and access your information in the future. Each project (referred to as a “questionnaire” in the user interface) must be exported separately into its own Excel file.