Blog post  |   01.30.2012  |   Stacy Kotorac

Call for Stakeholder Input on Potential Movie Production Guidance

The GHG Protocol periodically assesses the need for GHG accounting guidance within different business sectors and organizational types. We are currently scoping the GHG accounting needs associated with film and television production activities internationally, and are seeking stakeholders expert in this field to help illuminate the issues relating to GHG emission sources and accounting questions. Some of these potential issues include:

  • Establishing consistent GHG inventory boundaries for itinerant short and long-term film-shooting activities;
  • Assessing the extent of existing country-specific GHG reporting requirements for production studios and prospects for international harmonization;
  • Clarifying reporting responsibility within multi-party activities; and identification of upstream/downstream scope 3 activities.

If you have experience in film or television production activities and can share insight into these questions as part of our scoping exercise, or would be interested in participating in a Technical Advisory Group to help develop the guidance, please contact Mary Sotos (


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