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Greenhouse Gas Management Institute Launch Professional Certification Program

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute and the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada) have announced a groundbreaking global personnel certification program for “carbon management” professionals. The Environmental Professional Certification on Greenhouse Gases – EP (GHG) – is the world’s first and only professional greenhouse gas-related certification accredited to ISO 17024.

With pressure to meet strict standards and regulations, companies and governments continue to increase the demand for experts highly qualified in measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions and removals. In a recent global survey, undertaken by the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, eighty per cent of employers polled stated they would be more inclined to hire certified professionals over non-certified GHG practitioners.

The EP (GHG) is open to all qualified professionals working on the quantification and/or verification of GHGs arising from national activities, from activities of organizations, entities, facilities or emissions reduction projects. The EP (GHG) is aligned with international GHG standards including the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

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