Blog post  |   05.30.2011  |   Laura Pocknell

Chinese Companies Pilot-Test a New Energy-GHG Conversion Software

On July 8, 2011, through USAID’s Partnership for Climate Action (PCA), GHG Protocol held a training and pilot-testing workshop in the Guangdong Province of China on its new “Energy-GHG Conversion Tool”.

Fifteen participants from five companies representing the power, semiconductor, glass manufacturing, paper, and textile industries attended.

These companies are major energy users (usually consuming more than the equivalent of 10,000 tons of coal [29.27 GJ] each year) and report energy consumption into the provincial government’s energy reporting system. The new software calculates GHG emissions based on the energy reporting system template, and therefore provides these companies with the ability to account for most of their GHG emissions with little extra effort.

After the workshop, each participating company will use the tool to calculate their yearly GHG emissions from energy use and submit the pilot-test results to the Guangdong Energy Conservation Center (GDECC), a local PCA partner. The companies’ feedback and the pilot test results will help improve the software. When it is finalized, GDECC is committed to integrating it into Guangdong’s energy reporting system thereby allowing them to collect and track both energy consumption and GHG emission data from the 1500 major energy users in the province. This will contribute to more accurate GHG accounting in China.


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Blog post  |   05.30.2011  |   Laura Pocknell

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