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The Climate Registry and Mexico GHG Program Recognized as 'Top Outcomes'

At the end of each fiscal year, WRI designates ten outcomes across projects and programs as the ‘Top Ten Outcomes’ for a particular year. This year, the GHG Protocol’s work with The Climate Registry and the Mexico GHG Program was recognized as two of these top outcomes. WRI defines an “outcome” as a change in the external world caused by an activity by WRI and its partners. It is something that someone is doing or has done differently as a result of the work WRI and its partners does as a realized objective. To determine which of the 35 outcomes across WRI were the ten most substantial, three criteria were used to rank the outcomes in order of significance: alignment with WRI’s institutional goals, the significance of the outcome, and the causative role of WRI. The two outcomes attributed to the work of the GHG Protocol Initiative and their partners that were recognized are: * Mexican government has adopted a new climate change strategy that identifies the Mexico GHG Program as the basis of a national step-by-step approach toward climate change mitigation. Based on the GHG Protocol, the Mexico GHG Program was launched by WRI and three partners in 2004. * WRI Equips U.S. States to Make Sound Policy about Greenhouse Gases. WRI’s GHG Protocol team played a pivotal role in the formation of the Climate Registry in the United States in April of 2007. The Climate Registry includes 34 U.S. states together representing over 70 percent of the U.S. population. “The GHG Protocol Initiative’s successes in 2007 reflect two defining characteristics of its approach: partnerships and persistence. Both of its Top 10 outcomes are a direct result of deep and meaningful engagement with key stakeholders and consistent commitment over several years to realize real results,” said Manish Bapna, the Managing Director of WRI.


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