GHG Protocol Newsletter: March 2024

Scope 3 Survey Draft Summary Report and Proposal Summary 

Between November 2022 and March 2023, GHG Protocol invited interested stakeholders to provide feedback via four surveys on the Corporate Standard, the Scope 2 Guidance, the Scope 3 Standard, and market-based accounting approaches. GHG Protocol received over 350 responses to the scope 3 survey and 100 proposal submissions related to scope 3. The Scope Survey 3 Draft Summary Report and Scope 3 Proposal Summary provide a detailed overview of stakeholder feedback from the scope 3 survey and related proposals. These summaries build on the "Topline Findings from Corporate Standard & Scope 3 Surveys" webinar by providing a more comprehensive and detailed summary of responses. To learn more, read our recent blog post 

Corporate Standard Survey Final Summary Report and Final Proposal Summary 

In December 2023, GHG Protocolreleased a draft version of the Corporate Standard Survey Summary and held a review period to invite comments from individuals/organizations who completed the survey. The GHG Protocol Secretariat reviewed all comments submitted during the review period and is now releasing theCorporate Standard Survey Final Summary Report. In addition to receiving 375 responses to the Corporate Standard survey, GHG Protocol received over 40 proposals including topics related to the Corporate Standard. In tandem with the Survey Final Summary Report, GHG Protocol is releasing the corresponding Corporate Standard Final Proposal Summary 

GHG Protocol’s Strengthened Governance Model 

GHG Protocol is evolving our governance structure in tandem with our work to update GHG Protocol’s flagship suite of corporate standards. In November of 2023, GHG Protocol launched a new governance structure with two new governance bodies: a Steering Committee and Independent Standards Board. Between November 14, 2023 and January 31, 2024, the GHG Protocol solicited nominations for Steering Committee and Independent Standards Board membership. We received more than 200 applications for the former and more than 230 applications for the latter. 

GHG Protocol is now working in partnership with the executive search firm Egon Zehnder to conduct a thorough but expeditious review of the applications for Steering Committee and Independent Standards Board membership. GHG Protocol anticipates announcing the inaugural Chair of the Steering Committee and members of the Steering Committee and Independent Standards Board in Q2 of 2024.  Learn more by reading our recent blog. 

Now Available: Updated E-Learning Resource on Scope 2 

GHG Protocol recently released an updated resource to its online Learning Management System (LMS) on the topic of scope 2. This resource takes a previously recorded webinar on the Scope 2 Guidance (2015), hosted live in 2016, and provides the material in chapter format with supporting documents and presentations. The content presents scope 2 reporting requirements alongside practical examples on how to calculate emissions based on different contractual instruments in different countries. You may access the resource for free as a guest in the LMS, or if you’d like to receive a certificate of completion you can register in the system and pay for your enrollment. Access the new scope 2 e-learning resource here. 

Skanska Podcast Interview with Pankaj Bhatia: From Scope to Action 

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Director, Pankaj Bhatia, was recently featured on an episode of Skanska's podcast Shaping Sustainable Places. Pankaj discusses how the framework of the three scopes were developed and how the scopes have become valuable tools for companies to reduce their emissions. Listen to the episode here. 

Overview of GHG Protocol Integration in Regulatory Climate Disclosure Rules 

A key goal of GHG Protocol’s update process for its corporate suite of standards is to align with major disclosure initiatives including under development. In the past two years there have been significant developments in emerging climate disclosure mandates around the world. This new resource provides an overview of four climate-related disclosure rules including ISSB, SEC, CARB, and EFRAG that integrate GHG Protocol standards and guidance.  

New Article: Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Corporate Climate Disclosure 

The origin of greenhouse gas accounting dates to the late 1990s, but interest has grown exponentially in the past few years with the proliferation of both voluntary and more recently, mandatory corporate climate disclosure initiatives. But what does GHG accounting entail and what are climate disclosure initiatives? GHG Protocol's Kyla Aiuto and Sarah Huckins answer these questions and more in a new WRI Insights article. Read the full piece to learn more about the rapidly evolving field of GHG accounting. 

Welcoming New Staff to the GHG Protocol Team 

Please join us in welcoming our new addition to the GHG Protocol Secretariat:     

  • Lauren Barretto, Project Coordinator, supports the GHG Protocol Director and Project Managers and assists with financial and administrative program operations. 

 Seeking Applicants for Open Positions 

The GHG Protocol Secretariat is looking for experienced individuals to join our team. Full position descriptions and application information can be found here:    

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