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Greenhouse Gas Protocol provides standards and tools that help countries and cities track progress toward their climate goals. 

The Paris Agreement marks a historic turning point in global climate action, committing all countries to limit global temperature rise, adapt to changes already occurring, and regularly increase efforts over time.

GHG Protocol standards help countries and cities design climate mitigation goals, assess and report progress toward goal achievement, and estimate the greenhouse gas effects of policies and actions.

We are also working to give cities the standards and tools they need to measure their emissions, build more effective emissions reduction strategies, set measurable and more ambitious emission reduction goals, and track their progress more accurately and comprehensively. 

Related standards

Mitigation Goal Standard
The GHG Protocol Mitigation Goal Standard provides guidance for designing national and subnational mitigation goals and a standardized approach for assessing and reporting progress toward goal achievement.
Best for: Countries and Cities
Online learning product:
Mitigation Goal Standard Online Course
Policy and Action Standard
The GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard provides a standardized approach for estimating the greenhouse gas effect of policies and actions.
Best for: Countries and Cities
Online learning product:
Policy and Action Standard Online Training
GHG Protocol for Cities
The Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC) provides a robust framework for accounting and reporting city-wide greenhouse gas emissions. 
Best for: Cities and Communities
Online learning product:
Compact of Mayors Online Training Course
Project Protocol
The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting is the most comprehensive, policy-neutral accounting tool for quantifying the greenhouse gas benefits of climate change mitigation projects.
Best for: Companies and Organizations; Countries and Cities

Related guidance

Public Sector Protocol
The GHG Protocol has developed accounting guidance that interprets the principles from the Corporate Standard for the unique structures and needs of U.S. government operations at the federal, state and local level.
Best for: Countries and Cities
GPC Supplemental Guidance for Forests and Trees
The Supplemental Guidance for Forests and Trees offers cities and other communities a robust, transparent, and globally applicable framework to consistently identify, calculate, and report on GHG emissions and removals by forests and trees within communities’ boundaries.
Best for: Cities and Communities

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