In response to user needs, the GHG Protocol has developed additional guidance that builds upon the more general standards.

Calculation Tools Disclaimer

These Spreadsheets and associated materials have been prepared with a high degree of expertise and professionalism, and it is believed that the Spreadsheets provide a useful and accurate approach for calculating greenhouse gas emissions. However, the organizations involved in their development, including WRI, WBCSD, and any other organization involved, collectively and individually, do not warrant these Spreadsheets for any purpose, nor do they make any representations regarding their fitness for any use or purpose whatsoever.

Each User agrees to decide if, when and how to use the Spreadsheets, and does so at his or her sole risk. When using the tools provided on the GHG Protocol website, you agree that you are not entitled to rely on any information generated using these worksheets. You further agree to hold WRI, WBCSD, and any of their partners in the creation of the tools, harmless for loss you might suffer arising out of: any inaccuracies in numbers generated by the worksheets or variation between predictions and your actual results. Under no circumstances shall WRI, WBCSD, or any of their partners that helped create the tools, be liable for any damages, including incidental, special or consequential damages, arising from the use of these Spreadsheets or an inability to use them.

If you distribute these tools through any means other than the GHG Protocol website at www.ghgprotocol.org, you should check the website to ensure the tool being provided is the latest version available, and provide information to users on how to check for updates and revisions to the tools.