Blog post  |   11.07.2007  |   Laura Pocknell

GHG Protocol Currently Seeking Funding for Major Tool Upgrade

Since the GHG Protocol first announced plans in February to upgrade the suite of 16 calculation tools available free of charge to the public, significant research has been conducted to determine how best to update the tools with the most recent information and how to make the format of the tools more user friendly.

The GHG Protocol Initiative has also consistently received feedback regarding the need for an improved, more user-friendly interface for the tools, such as integrated desktop software or web applications that combine all of the tools and eliminate the need for duplicate entry of the activity or energy data needed to estimate GHG emissions. Another goal of the tool upgrade would be to address these concerns by combining the tools into a single desktop or web application that will be easier to use.

Because the calculation tools have been offered free of charge to companies, the GHG Protocol is in the process of fundraising to finance this important upgrade of the tool. If you or company is interested in providing support for this work or know of any funding opportunities available, please contact Stephen Russell at


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