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Taking Corporate GHG Accounting to Scale: Bali Side Event Introduces New Tools for GHG Management

The GHG Protocol announced three new developments to promote the scale-up of GHG accounting and reporting at a COP-13 side event on December 7 in Bali, Indonesia. The side event launched the GHG Protocol’s newest publication, *Measuring to Manage: A Guide to Designing GHG Accounting and Reporting Programs*. Measuring to Manage draws on lessons learned from programs such as the Mexico GHG Program, the Philippine GHG Accounting and Reporting Program, The Climate Registry, and Climate Leaders to guide users through the process of designing and implementing programs to promote GHG accounting and reporting. [image cop-side-event.jpg align=right WRI hosted a side event on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation at COP-13 in Bali, Indonesia.] Additionally, the side event announced a new collaboration between ISO, WBCSD, and WRI to jointly promote the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 as two internationally accepted and complementary standards for GHG accounting and reporting. In a press release that announced the partnership, Håkan Murby, ISO president, said, “We are positive that closer collaboration between our three international organizations will increase corporate confidence in instituting and maintaining climate change programs.” Through this partnership, the three organizations will be better poised to address technical issues, concurrently promote the standards, and raise awareness through education, training, and capacity building. Finally, WRI announced its partnership with the GHG Management Institute to provide professional training on GHG Protocol standards via an e-learning platform. “Taken together, these developments will greatly facilitate the mainstreaming of corporate GHG management,” said Taryn Fransen, Senior Associate at WRI. “Any group that wants to set up a GHG reporting platform will be able to learn from international best practices, access online training to build their own expertise, and feel comfortable that their program can meet both GHG Protocol and ISO standards.” A panel of experts including Bjorn Stigson of WBCSD, Dr. Fernando Tudela of SEMARNAT, Kevin McKinley of ISO, Russel Mills of Dow Chemical, and Jonathan Pershing and Taryn Fransen of WRI discussed the new developments. The event was attended by government, industry, and NGO delegates from around the world.


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