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Mitigation Goal Standard Online Course

The Mitigation Goal Standard Online Course is designed to help policymakers and analysts design GHG reduction goals and track progress toward achieving them.


Now available in French and Spanish!

The course is based on the GHG Protocol Mitigation Goal Standard. It has been designed to help users set emission reduction targets, account for their progress, meet domestic or international emissions reporting objectives, and ensure that efforts to reduce emissions are achieving their intended results.

After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts and terminology used in the Mitigation Goal Standard
  • Design a mitigation goal(s) based on your specific situation
  • Calculate base year emissions, base year emission intensity, or baseline scenario emissions
  • Understand special accounting considerations for the land sector
  • Calculate allowable emissions in the target year
  • Assess progress towards a mitigation goal during the goal period
  • Assess whether a mitigation goal has been achieved
  • Understand the benefits, key concepts, and types of verification that can be pursued
  • Report the required information regarding the design and accounting of progress toward a mitigation goal
  • Know the information that must be reported (related to the design of the goal and accounting approaches followed) in order for an assessment to be in conformance with the standard


Mitigation Goal Standard
The GHG Protocol Mitigation Goal Standard provides guidance for designing national and subnational mitigation goals and a standardized approach for assessing and reporting progress toward goal achievement.
What are the system requirements?

Abode Flash Player is required to view some videos in the online courses. If you plan to use a computer provided to you by an employer, organization or university, check with your system administrator to make sure that your computer is equipped to run flash.

How long does a training take?

The training course typically takes 6-12 hours total to complete. It can be taken at any time.

Should I be familiar with the Mitigation Goal Standard before taking the online course on the standard?

The course is based on the Mitigation Goal Standard and has been designed to assist in the application of the standard. Each topic contains a reference to the standard that points to the relevant topics and page numbers within the standard itself. Familiarity with the Mitigation Goal Standard is not necessary but users are strongly encouraged to refer to the standard along with the online course for maximum benefit.

Will I get a completion certificate?

Yes! For those who would like to receive a certificate for completion of the course, please ensure that you visit each of the module topics, view the presentations, and attempt the quizzes. You must receive a grade of 75% or higher on the final examination in the Course Summary module.

How long do I have access to the training?

The course is available free of charge and you can access it anytime.

Who should I contact with any other questions I have?

Contact Chelsea Babcock for further assistance.

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