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First Drafts of Product and Scope 3 Standards Released
The first drafts of the GHG Protocol Product and Scope 3 Accounting and Reporting Standards were released for stakeholder review on November 11th 2009. The draft standards were developed over a nine month period between January and October 2009 through the work of 7 technical working groups comprised of more than 160 members, with strategic guidance provided by a 25 member steering committee. The next step in the standards’ development process is the first stakeholder public comment period. Over the next two weeks workshops are being held in China, Europe, and the U.S. and will provide Stakeholder Advisory Group members with an avenue to provide some valuable feedback. Stakeholder feedback is a critical part of the standards’ development process, and stakeholders are encouraged to submit written comments on the draft standards throughout this important comment period. [image supplychain.JPG align=right] After the workshops and the public comment period are completed, WRI and WBCSD will summarize and share the feedback with the technical working groups and steering committee for consideration as they complete the next drafts of the standards.

The drafts and draft summaries can be found in the table below. To provide written feedback, please use the comment forms. Comments must be submitted in the comment templates in order to be considered. During the comment period the standards will continue to be revised by WRI and WBCSD for formatting and style issues. To save time, please focus your comments on the substance of the standards.

The comment period will run from November 11th to December 21st, 2009. Please submit all comments to Holly Lahd at by Monday, December 21st.

First Draft Standards

Title Date Size

Product Accounting and Reporting Standard (first draft)

Nov 2009 2 MB

Scope 3 Accounting and Reporting Standard (first draft)

Nov 2009 2 MB

Product Standard Executive Summary

Nov 2009 561 KB

Scope 3 Standard Executive Summary

Nov 2009 1 MB

Product Standard written comments

Jan 2010  

Scope 3 Standard written comments

Jan 2010  

Summary feedback from stakeholder workshops

Feb 2010 157 KB

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